Can Microbiology Prove (the Intelligent Evolutionary Design of) God?

Posted by – October 2, 2007

DNA and biology is incredibly complex.  Is there any coherency to the design of organisms?  Is there an intelligent or systematic method involved in the creation of life and the reproduction of life?  There are exploratory studies on the study of the origin of life.

Antoine Danchin, Ph.D., Institut Pasteur

The Bacterial Core Genome is an Archive of the Origin of Life

speaking at the Institute for Systems Biology, 6th Annual International Symposium, 2007

Danchin is the first to repeatedly admit, “Don’t believe anything I am saying, I am a scientist, even I do not believe what I am saying [until it is repeatedly proven by data], I am not a priest, I am a scientist.”

By multidimensional data analysis, and years of looking at comparisons of genes and bases, he states that some similarities might be seen which hint at how evolution has happened through interesting and functionally required coincidence rather than a systematic or “intelligent” design.

Best not to argue with fundamentalists in the midwest at the current time, though.