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“SynBioSS: The Synthetic Biology Modeling Suite”

Posted by – October 20, 2008

SynBioSS (Synthetic Biology Software Suite) is a suite of software for the modeling and simulation of synthetic genetic constructs. SynBioSS utilizes the registry of standard biological parts, a database of kinetic parameters, and both graphical and command-line interfaces to multiscale simulation algorithms. SynBioSS is available under the GNU General Public License. Anthony D. Hill, Jonathan R. Tomshine, Emma M. B. Weeding, Vassilios Sotiropoulos, and Yiannis N. Kaznessis, Bioinformatics 2008 24(21):2551-2553; doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btn468

Sounds neat, let’s try it. Interestingly, the iGEM participants and biologists, in discussions of modeling, have thrown their hands in the air & state that it is difficult or impossible to model biology. Maybe SynBioSS can do the impossible?  Except: There is no specific installer available for OS/X (as of this writing) and it seems there are many assorted packages required.

Here are my install summary/notes/fixes for getting SynBioSS (version 1.0.1) running on OS/X (Leopard 10.5.5):